Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year Resolution

It's January the 1st which means that it's that time of year when many teacher blogs make resolutions. I am no exception, but this year I am making only one regarding my teaching: to blog consistently. 

This year I have started a new job which has included new responsibilities and a variety of additional tasks which come with a new school. However, I have neglected the key attribute to any good teacher: reflection. Although I have done this irregularly what with my extended commute to and from work, I have not done it consistently and without an intent to improve specific areas. Therefore, I am making a commitment (and worryingly putting this out onto the blogosphere) that I will blog at least every two weeks. I am aiming to improve specific areas of my practice and those marginal gains which will develop my teaching further rather than focussing on too many things at once.

My excuse for not blogging regularly has been the mania of a new term at a new school, but that should not be a reason for developing my teaching further. Although I have certainly improved upon certain facets of my teaching, I also think that I am not as equipped in other areas too which I aim to put right with systematic reflection. In my next blog post, I will explain what I intend to do to be more systematic with my reflection.

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